technical analysis

In the current uncertain global economic climate, markets react increasingly quickly to political, economic, social and financial influences. They can be, and often are, turbulent and have been particularly difficult for banks, corporate players and private investors to trade in recent years.

Added to the above, market flows have been disrupted through the intervention of central banks and large financial institutions.

Even so, there have been opportunities for traders to generate significant profits although many of these are missed or recognised too late without the use of ‘Technical Analysis’ to identify windows of profit opportunity.

fx24™ excels in Technical Analysis and continues to support private traders, inter-bank spot traders and fund managers to manage their book to maximum effectiveness. Over the years, we have consistently delivered a trading performance which is the envy of our competitors.

Our own portfolio of corporate, financial and private clients is growing, and we will be delighted to discuss your needs with you and formulate winning strategies for growth.

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