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The last few years have been difficult for the banking sector following the 2008 (and to a degree ongoing) banking crisis, particularly in the business of Foreign Exchange where the natural market flows have, to a degree, been spoiled by the manipulative skills of the world's Central banks and other large financial institutions.

Even so, for the discerning currency trader there have been a number of excellent profit opportunities, many of which without the use of 'Technical Analysis' would not have been recognized until it was too late.

Since its inception in December 1989, FX24 has consistently identified these windows of profit opportunity in the Foreign Exchange markets, and as a consequence has been able to produce a trading performance that is the envy of its competitors (see 'Past Trading').

With the advance of technology FX24's technical expertise on the currency markets is available not only to banks and large financial institutions, but to anyone anywhere in the world with a telephone line and a PC, Laptop or Smart Phone.

The time has come for the private trader, as well as the inter-bank Spot-trader and fund manager, to take full advantage of the Foreign Exchange, Precious Metals, Commodity and Stock markets. live feed Welcome About Service Updates Contact

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