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FX24 offers twenty-four hour access to currency trading strategies formulated by one of the Foreign Exchange market's most experienced and successful practitioners of technical analysis, Howard Wright (see company profile).

The 'On-line' section of the service can be accessed via the Internet in order to monitor market trends, assess critical support and resistance levels, and gauge potential profit objectives.

You can compare your analysis of the currency markets with that of FX24 and seek out the trading strategies that you feel the most comfortable with, and which suit your needs best.

Easily accessed and easily affordable, FX24 is an invaluable tool for all those in business, especially those in the business of Foreign Exchange. Proprietary traders, Fund managers, inter-bank Spot-dealers and private traders, can all benefit from FX24's proven expertise in forecasting exchange rate movements.

FX24 delivers instant analysis in a clear and concise format to your dealing-room, your office, your home, and even your car or train if you have a PC lap-top.

In today's complex world of uncertainty and rapid change this will put you at the forefront of Foreign Exchange and, most important of all, in a winning position.
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